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Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer Holder
  • The clear pouches make it easy to find all of your jewelry
  • Fits perfectly in your closet
  • Holds more than 50 items 
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A best-selling, two-sided hanging organizer with 32 clear pockets on one side and 18 velcro hooks on the other. 

The plastic pouches have a tendency to gap open and items can fall out if the organizer is moved. 


What's it for? The Misslo is designed to store all types of jewelry. However this product is so versatile, it can be used to organize anything - nail polish and makeup included. 

Dimensions: This organizer is the biggest one on our list. But the good news is, it only takes up as much space in your closet as a t-shirt does. The Misslo measures at 30 inches high and 17 inches wide with a hole on the top for your hanger to go through. Each clear pocket is 2.75 inches tall and 4 inches long, perfect for storing bracelets or rings. 

Details: No more digging and searching for your jewelry. This genius organizer has clear, vinyl pockets so it's much quicker to find that bracelet you were looking for. What sets this product apart is that it can easily hang in your closet, or the back of your door. This means you can save space on your dresser or nightstand where your jewelry box used to be. One side features 32 pockets while the other side has 18 velcro hook and loops. Now, all of your jewelry can rest in comfort and style.   

Price: For a best-selling jewelry organizer, the $13 price is a dream. Not to mention the size is so big, it will most likely hold every piece of your jewelry. 


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