Set your goals with the Shine App, then tap shine to see your progress. No cables, buttons or recharging.

  • Automatic monitoring of light and deep sleep cycles
  • No charging ever, replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum

This is an interesting-looking fitness tracker that serves as both a watch and your newest fitness buddy. Not only is it fully waterproof, but it's also versatile in how you wear it. Strong and wearable, you can track fitness activities while wearing this anywhere. It may not offer as much data as some of the other devices on this list, but it's the only one you can wear while swimming. Plus, it's got a 4-month battery life!

What Reviewers Say:

  • Clearly the best design of any of the activity trackers out there by a long shot. You really can’t appreciate how nice it is until you hold and feel the little metal disc - incredibly light and it doesn’t even feel like an electronic product. I get asked constantly what it is, and the cool tapping mechanism really wows everybody.
  • When compared against Apple Watch, fitbit, basis, finis swimsense and nike fuelband, the shine still wins
  • I really like it!!! I made the decision to buy it even after the amazon review was only 3 and half stars, and the 1st misfit I bought had some issue with the account pairing. However, I still rated 4 stars, because I really like it. It is water proof, swimming-able-tracker, nice looking (the only i currently have is the grey one), I dont need to worry about charging at all. And editing the activity type is very easy (you dont need to tag your activity first, you can just tap the device 3 times and then tag it later). The sleep tracking is automatic, so just go to sleep and wake up in the morning, your tracker will tell you what happened in your sleep. So anyway, I am very happy so far after my one week purchasing.

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