This mirror displays three-dimensional, luminous clouds that billow around one’s reflection.  It's the ultimate way to feel like you're outdoors when you're stuck inside all day.


Three-dimensional, high-definition video of actual cloud formations appear on the mirror’s surface, creating a transcendent experience when looking at one’s reflection. The 80 frames of HD video create unique cloud formations and the LED back lighting creates radiant beams that cast a lustrous, celestial glow from within the cloud formations. A dimmer button on the frame adjusts the brightness of the back lighting and the clouds can be turned off for use as a traditional mirror. The mirror is made from durable, high-density acrylic, the frame is anodized aluminum, and the unit can be hung on a wall or placed on a mantel. Plugs into AC.

It's $4000 for a mirror measuring 36" x 24" (50 pounds).  You can get a smaller mirror for $899.95.  It measures 15" x 13" (10 pounds).  Either way, this is the gift of a lifetime.

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