Why people love it
  • Easy for newbie gardeners to use
  • Plants thrive under the bright lights
  • Includes seeds

If a power outage occurs, you may lose some (or all) of the information stored in the grow light’s LCD screen. Not ideal for growing large, heavy vegetables.


Color: Like the Galaxyhydro light featured earlier in our review, the AeroGarden uses red and blue lights that help plants develop and thrive. It also has white lights that encourage quick growth - up to 5 times faster than plants grown in soil, if we’re being specific.

Brightness: The lower the wattage, the less energy a unit requires - so it makes sense that users rave that the AeroGarden is quieter than other indoor grow lights. The AeroGarden uses 30-watt full-spectrum LED bulbs, which means it’s not “Ouch, my eyes are killing me” bright. It has the second-lowest wattage of the growing lights on our list, but it still works its magic on sprouting seedlings.

Features: Tracking plant-growing data on the interactive LCD screen never fails to impress us. We also dig that this indoor grow light reminds us when to add water and plant food. We suck at remembering to take care of our gardens when life gets hectic, but the soil-free, low-maintenance AeroGarden prevents that problem.

Price:  Expect to spend around $280 for your AeroGarden. It’s the most expensive indoor grow light on our list, but it comes with everything you need to get started growing your own indoor garden.

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