Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Best Budget Foot Cream

Why people love it
  • Works well and works quickly
  • Great for dry, cracked skin
  • Non-greasy formula

The aloe in this foot cream really soothes skin as it reduces odor and reduces the itchy feeling. But, it’s also terrific at healing cracked skin.

This is a little more touch-and-go on efficacy than other foot creams; not everyone experiences the same high-level results.


In addition to the healing powers you can expect from this foot cream, you should also know that the heavy amounts of aloe will help to reduce the pain and itching associated with dry, peeling skin. And, it’s a natural odor fighter, so if your feet are both dry and smelly, you’ve come to the right place.

That said, aloe isn’t everyone’s favorite; it’s super powerful, but it doesn’t seem to provide everyone with the same level of deep moisture therapy. That’s okay; when it does work, the price tag makes it so worthwhile – and it’s safe for diabetics that need extra foot care.

One of the things we really love is the lack of a strong scent; too many creams are heavily perfumed or don’t bother to hide the medicine-like smell created through the mixture of ingredients that go into it. Of course, what we really like is that it works to heal dry, cracked skin, while relieving odor and itching. And, most users find that it’s not only effective; it also works quickly.

Key ingredients: It’s filled with aloe to soothe your skin and reduce the itch while providing plenty of moisture.

Hypoallergenic: No

APMA-approved: No

Paraben-free: No

Animal-friendly: Yes

Fragrance: It’s basically fragrance-free, but you may detect a slightly minty undertone.

Application: The manufacturer claims you can apply this cream as much as 4 times a day. And, it’s true that you can. But, you probably don’t need to resort to that unless you have the driest of feet. Realistically, once or twice a day will be enough – and putting a pair of socks on following your foot rub will speed the process.

Package size: Comes in an 8-ounce tube.

Cost: You’ll pay about $13 for the 8 ounces which works out to a little more than $1.60 per ounce, making this one of the more cost-effective foot creams out there.

Bottom line: If you battle a couple different foot problems, including itching and cracking – as well as possibly foot odor, this is definitely the product to try. And, it comes at such a nice price point that it’s worth the risk, especially with the money-back guarantee.

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