MIRA Insulated Water Bottle

Best Cheap Gift for a Friend

Why people love it
  • Excellent insulation capabilities
  • Sturdy stainless steel craftsmanship
  • Looks fancy

Make sure you purchase this from MIRA and not from a knockoff. Previous customers have complained about receiving phony bottles that are dented or have rust inside them.


Meaningfulness: If you’re giving this gift, it’s more about aesthetics and price than about giving something meaningful.

Originality: Many websites (like Elle) are recommending the S’Well water bottle for this holiday season. I’m recommending this one because it’s an overall better bottle that’s well made, sturdy, and doesn’t lose its paint coating after a few washes.

Price: It’s not the cheapest gift on this list, but it’s a good pick for anyone who wants to buy something that looks nice without breaking the bank.

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