Best Christmas Gift for the Boy that Needs a Pet Dinosaur

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This is a smart dino with different moods and different tricks. Your little guy can also use the trackball or the free app for Android and iOS.

Your kiddo will need to spend some time teaching the dinosaur before it will be able to do the tricks he wants.


This isn’t a wooden dinosaur on a string. It really is a whole lot more like a pet (that you don’t need to feed). It responds to commands and appears to learn new tricks. Interactions with this dino pet happen in three different ways: hand signals, through the included trackball, and through the app. Kids can play games with their MiPosaur using the track ball and feed it steaks through the app. Just generally, this is the kind of fun that will even enthral adults.

You’ll need a host of batteries to keep this dino pet moving, so you may want to consider that. While you might not want to toss it into your kid’s stocking, this battery recharger may save you some bucks in the coming year. And, for kids that prefer dogs to dinos, we’ve got you covered with this WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog.

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