MIO Alpha I is claimed to be first strapless continuous Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Suitable for running, cycling, and other intense workouts
  • Connects to Bluetooth Smart (4.0) devices
  • Battery life of 20+ hours of heart rate monitoring

You can burn 1,000 calories/hour while your heart rate remains above 125 BPM while lifting weights. Track your BPM with a snazzy, new heart rate monitor. It's also compatible with the newest iPhones for added fitness stats, and with apps like MapMyRun, MapMyRide, RunKeeper and more.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Got this shortly after running my first full marathon. Even though I completed my run I wasn't satisfied with the results and looked into heartbeat monitors to better my performance. The MIO Alpha came top choice for me even for a blind first-buy. Most heart monitors out there require a strap to the chest or a constant touch of a sensor to get a reading. But with the Alpha the LED sensors give constant readings as well as a light indicator to show if you're in your targeted heart rate 'Zone'. Very convenient as well as more comfortable when you're focusing on running.
  • Awesome product great service
  • I like measuring my heart rate comparisons when standing, sitting, doing cardio, weight lifting, driving, etc. Once you no longer want your heart rate tracked, you simply press the same button on the right again until it says "off", to which it will display the time. There are other trucks this thing can do, such as tracking your heart rate and logging during exercise, but I have not experimented with that as I don't really need it. I just wanted to know what my heart rate was at certain times and I now have that information. I continue to wear this off and on. It's been a great addition to all my gadgets!

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