Minoxidil for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment

Best Overall Hair Loss Treatment

Why people love it
  • Great product at a great price, especially if you love buying in bulk
  • Works effectively
  • Noticeable change towards thicker, healthier hair

Some users report a dryness or itching of the scalp.


Minoxidil is basically Rogaine operating under a different name. Well, it’s similar, but the composition is different. It is, however, 1 of the 2 FDA-approved drugs relating to hair growth stimulation. If you’re balding at the crown, it’s worth a shot, but this isn’t going to do anything at the hairline.

The major drawback to this product is that you need to take it forever, or you’ll lose a lot more of your hair than you would naturally. However, you should know that Minoxidil (in pill form) also helps with high blood pressure. You can get your hands on this product from Amazon, but you really might want to consult your doctor first.

  • Active Ingredients: 5% Minoxidil - yes, yes, yes! Not only is it FDA approved, but it also works!
  • How it works: This is a topical application of Minoxidil. You get small bottles and droppers. We'd tell you how to use it, but it's far better to read the information provided within. 
  • Who can use it? Sorry ladies, this is for guys only! Really, don't chance it. 
  • Frequency of use: You'll use your Minoxidil dropper one in the morning and once at night. Just so you know, it doesn't dry immediately, but it works, so you can probably live with that. You should know that cessation will lead to thinning, so you probably will need to plan on continuing this product until you no longer care about your hair loss. 
  • Will it break the bank? It's about $50 for a year's supply. That's a little more than $4 a month and a little less than 15 cents a day. So no, it's not going to bleed you dry.

We love that this product actually works for men. Sadly, there are some forms of alopecia that cannot be treated no matter what you do; it won't matter what product you use. That's why we suggest seeing your doctor first. Then again, this isn't going to do any additional damage, so you could just give it a go. Considering the price, why not?

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