Buy your guy the next generation of clothing designed by MIT with you shop Ministry of Supply clothing. 

  • Less bulk
  • 4-way stretch
  • Built to layer

The AEON Midlayer is the sweatshirt and sweater combination piece that keeps that new sweatshirt feeling even after dozens of washes. The piece is infused with recycled polyester yarns with reclaimed coffee grounds to create a stench-fighting fabric that absorbs odors 3 times better than cotton. The sweater is made with a hydro-blended fabric of cotton and nylon that pull moisture away from the body. The AEON is designed using Photogrammatic Strain Analysis to map how muscles, joints and skin bend and stretch as the human body moves, and is constructed to move with your body as mathematically perfect as possible. The item is available in standard sizes from XS to XXL and in colors choices of Smoke Blue, Gull, and Deep Cobalt.   

 Just check out this Aeon Midlayer sweatshirt and sweater combination piece.  It is scientifically designed to help you stay fresher, longer.  This clothing uses advanced  design methods such as constructing the top with Photogrammatic Strain Analysis and infusing a coffee mixture into the material to repel odors. 

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