Minions Kevin Costume

Best Halloween Costume When You Need to Dress a Brood

Why people love it
  • Super cute
  • The price just can’t be beat
  • Great costume, fun and fabulous for kids

This is a terrific costume to start a family or group look. And, it’s wonderfully affordable at that. You get everything you need except boots. That’s a bonus.

The costume isn’t the best quality (though what should you expect for the price?). The goggles aren’t the best fit for everyone, so you may end up adjusting them or replacing them.  


If you have a whole brood of little ones to dress, this is the costume for you. It’s got everything you need at a remarkable price. Plus, it doesn’t take that much effort to customize each kid. On the downside, this isn’t the best made costume. But, somehow, the kids just don’t seem to mind.

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 3
  • Scare Factor: 1
  • Cuteness Factor: 3
  • Identifiable: 5

What’s it made of? Sadly, this is made of 100 percent polyester, and it’s not the best quality.

Will you need extra bits? You get the printed jumpsuit, gloves, headpiece, and the goggles. If you wanted to make it a little extra special, you could strap a pillow around your child’s middle. Or, if it’s a cold Halloween, you could buy a size or two up and use a jacket underneath.

Is it hand wash only? This will probably fall apart in the machine unless you put it in on a gentle cycle. And, you’ll definitely need to hang it to dry.

Will it break the bank? No matter what size you get, you’ll pay less than $20. If you’re dressing a family of minions, it’s still remarkably affordable.

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