Mini Table Top Pool Table

Best Valentine's Gift for His Man Cave

Why people love it
  • A fun way to introduce kids to pool
  • Great for killing time and relaxing
  • An adorable decorative piece, yet still functional for mini-pool

Very small, and reviewers report quality control issues abound.


Details: If he's got a man-cave or home office he wants to decorate HIS way, this is the gift he'll love. He'll be able to put this mini pool table on any surface (poker table, bar, side table, coffee table, etc.), where he can play it with his buddies. It's intended for younger children, so he'll have fun giving the kids their first pool lesson.

The table is fairly small—just 22 inches long and 12 inches wide, with 1" balls and cue sticks 18 ¾" long. It's definitely not for full-grown adults, but it will be a fun way for him to spend time with the kids and play pool without leaving the house (or even getting off the couch).

Price: $22 is a very good price to pay for this—half décor item, half child-sized toy. It will look great in his man cave or home office!

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