Best Styling Product for Hair Loss

MiN New York Form Styling Cream
  • Easy application
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Pleasing, light scent
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This medium-hold styling cream separates hair for a thicker, fuller appearance. It has zero side effects and can be used alongside prescription hair loss treatments.

MiN New York Form Styling Cream is going to weigh your hair slightly; it is, after all, a styling aid. You should also know it contains parabens and phenoxyethanol.


Your hair may be thinning, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop styling it, right? But, if you do need to use styling products, then don’t choose standard grooming products that will do more harm than good. All of the MiN New York styling products are a good bet, starting with this styling cream.

It’s not as if your grooming products are going to fix your hair loss problems on their own. They won’t. But, they can help, rather than harm your cause. This styling cream offers a natural shine and plenty of hold. More importantly, it works to separate your hair, clear out the DHT, and make your hair look thicker too. Now that’s cool.

  • Active Ingredients: Biotin is the biggie here - and you know you need that. You also get some zinc sulfate and saw palmetto in the mix. And, there are some peptides in there too which help to rejuvenate skin and hair cells. 
  • How it works: This is a styling cream, and you use it like that. Because, let's face it, even when your hair is thinning, you want to look your best without losing any more hair. This actively promotes healthy hair growth while giving you the style you want. It's not going to help you regrow your hair so much as offering a healthy environment. If you feel the need to regrow your hair, guys should check out products with minoxidil, and ladies should consult their doctor. 
  • Who can use it? Men, women, anyone with thinning hair. Okay, we don't recommend it for pets or kids, but if your vet or pediatrician recommends it, then by all means, go ahead. 
  • Frequency of use: As good as this is for your hair, you probably only want to use it when you need a little extra lift and style. If that's every day, then do it. But, if you're just kicking around the house on your own, then skip it. 
  • Will it break the bank? At $20 it's not the most expensive styling cream on the market, but it's almost $6 per fluid ounce which isn't cheap either. If you need a styling aid and have thinning hair, you're going to pay it.

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