Why people love it
  • Bronzes your skin and leaves it soft and supple
  • Can be used outdoors as well as with a tanning bed
  • Works with fair and pale skin; get that bronze you want!

Leaves orange or yellow streaks if not applied properly.


Application and Use: This is a product to use when you want an extra dark tan. It can be used on a tanning bed or on its own, both indoors and outdoors. You'll find it will darken your base tan beautifully or give your pale/fair skin that golden bronze color you've always wanted. For light-skinned people who burn in the sun, it's a great solution for a tan.

It's applied using your hands (not a mitt or spray bottle), so you'll need to make sure to wash your hands quickly. The lotion is quick-drying, and it may leave streaks if not applied evenly. However, the quick-drying formula means it will darken your skin quickly and effectively. 

Ingredients: The lotion contains a 100X silicone Bronzer. Silicone is highly effective at penetrating the layer of skin, meaning it helps your skin absorb the bronzer more efficiently. The emulsifying agent in the lotion will also hydrate and soften your skin. Many users have remarked that their skin feels smooth and supple after using this cream.

Fair warning: it contains a lot of chemical and synthetic ingredients. However, its natural ingredients include walnut oil, sunflower oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, banana extract, apple extract, carrot extract, and tea leaf extract.

Price: The $16 price tag makes this one of the priciest tanning lotions on our list. However, if you want something that works outdoors as well as with your tanning bed, this lotion is a worthwhile investment.

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