This baby has something unbeatable - making it perfect for a large group of users.

  • Compatible with smart devices
  • 1MB of event history
  • Alerts about open doors

MiDoor isn't super fancy, but it does have all the basic features you would expect from a smart garage door opener.  You can monitor what's happening, control your garage door remotely, and install it very quickly.  What sets this brand apart from the crowd is the customer service.  If you don't need this aspect, then your machine is working fine.  But, with all the glitches that can happen with anything linked to your internet (which does need to extend to your garage, FYI) you might just appreciate a warm body on the other end of the phone.

We were skeptical of this smart garage door opener for awhile. It falls into the higher-end range of these gadgets, but it doesn't seem to have some of the features that some competitors have.

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