MeUndies Supima Cotton Crew Socks

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  • Super lightweight and comfortable; the perfect indoor socks!
  • Durable, good length (mid-calf), and resistant to sweat and odors
  • Keep your feet dry and cool all day long

Super lightweight, great breathability, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, seamless toe, comfortable cuff, durable Supima cotton fiber, and reinforced heel and toe design.

Reduced traction in sports and dress shoes.


Fit/Comfort/Style: These socks are one of the most comfortable you'll find anywhere, thanks to their soft cotton feel and sleek design. They hug your feet tightly without adding excessive compression, and the mid-calf elastic will keep the socks firmly in place all day long. They're long enough to wear with boots, shoes, or dress shoes, though sadly they tend to slide around inside active/dress shoes.

The style is where these socks really shine! In addition to classic black, white, and grey, the socks come in bright, bold, colorful patterns for the more "adventurous". 

Material/Durability: The socks are made from 84% combed Supima cotton, harvested in the USA. The cotton is strong and resistant to wear and tear, as well as supremely breathable. The 15% Nylon and 1% elastane ensure the socks have just the right amount of elasticity, not to mention lightweight.

The reinforced heel and toe offer excellent durability, and these socks can handle a lot of regular use without wearing out. The hand-linked toe seam makes the sock feel seamless, so no pressure on your toes or feet.  The material isn't prone to pilling, tears, or rips, and it's a pair of socks that will last for years of regular use.

Price: At $12 for a single pair, these are the priciest socks on our list. However, you get good quality for the price, not to mention lightweight material and a snazzy style. Definitely a pair of socks worth buying!

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