MeUndies Boxer Brief

Funnest Boxer Brief (but still wildly comfortable)

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Why people love it
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Incredible cut
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

May develop holes, pill, or rip within 8-10 months of purchase.


MeUndies are super-comfortable and come in a wide range of prints and colors. The best part? They come in matching styles for men and women, making it an awesome gift for your girlfriend and you. Tip: Try the ridiculously comfortable boxer briefs.

MeUndies also recently introduced patterned socks and ultra-soft tees - and all with free shipping in the US and Canada. What could be better? We're waiting for MeUndies to offer a undies club with automatic shipments.

What Reviewers Say:

These underpants tend to make people talk - and that's rather amazing since most people don't spend their days worrying about their underwear. Still, it's easy to find comments like:

  • "I recently got my first pair of MeUndies, after wearing them around home and at work, I found they they do not bunch up when I am actively working. Also, they are as soft as my favorite Pjs. I will be buying more soon!"
  • "I bought a pair of these and then bought 5 more because they are the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn! They literally feel like you're not wearing anything, and they don't get too hot or bunch up under your pants. Love these!"
  • "These are great, they wick away sweat, there isn't any smell lurking down there, and they are full of support. Plus they make my junk look good."

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