Metallic Purple Junior Drum Set

Best Gift for a Girl Who's a Budding Musician

Why people love it
  • Space-saving design
  • Withstands frequent use from strong kiddos
  • Encourages development of musical skills

A few parents warn that instructions aren’t included, so you’re on your own during the assembly process. However, the company is helpful if you contact them with questions or concerns.


Why she’s gotta have it: Many kids love loud stuff, and this drum set definitely isn’t easy on the ears. This is a great gift idea for a girl you don’t live with, like a niece or a granddaughter. You might want to surprise her parents with some earplugs.

All joking aside, did you know that playing a musical instrument can actually boost brain development in kids? Your favorite girl helps create a brighter future for herself each time she taps her wooden drumsticks on the high-quality pieces from this metallic purple drum set. A built-in stool provides a comfortable seat as she bangs on the bass.

Price: Some kid-friendly instruments cost thousands of dollars. This drum set is just $90, and 2-day shipping is free for Prime members.

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