Why people love it
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Extremely sharp stainless steel blade
  • Great value

Some customers have made the mistake of throwing these in the dishwasher and watched as they became rusted or worn as a result. Always wash your flatware by hand and treat with care if you want it to last.


Sharpness: Wanna slice through a piece of meat as easily as a stick of butter? These non-serrated stainless steel knives from Messermeister will do just that.

Feel: One of the ways you can tell you’ve got a well-made steak knife (or any cutlery, really) is by holding it. This one is so well-crafted—perfect weight, good balance between handle and blade, seamless riveting—that you’ll know right away that you’ve got something great here.

Price: Did I mention that the price is most definitely right? (Because it is.)

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