Message in a Candy

Best Sweet Valentine's Gift

Why people love it
  • The perfect mix of delicious and romantic
  • A message he's guaranteed to read
  • You can enjoy every bite of his present as well!

A bit pricey.


Details: What could be better than to tell your man you love him in his favorite way: with delicious treats? With this gift, you can send him whatever message you want, and it will be delivered via a box of decorated brownies and candies.

If he's a sweet tooth, it's a gift he's guaranteed to love. You can find a broad selection of chocolates (white, dark, milk, etc.), brownies, and other treats. You can also choose not only the message you want to send, but the ingredients (jelly beans, fruit flavors, etc.) used to send the message. It's a gift that you can both enjoy on and after Valentine's Day!

Price: At $28, this box of candies is a bit pricier than you might be used to. But when you think of how delicious AND romantic it is to receive this sort of Valentine's Day message, it's totally worth it!

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