Merrell Women's All Out Blaze Sieve

Best Water Shoes for Women Overall

Why people love it
  • A well-built, comfortable, durable pair of hiking, walking, and swimming shoes!
  • Versatile, offering peerless support and stability
  • An excellent pair of water shoes at an affordable price

Holes in the shoes are large, meaning debris can get into the shoe.


Performance: If you plan on doing a lot of walking, hiking, or exploring, you want a pair of these bad boys. With their sandal-style heel, you get enough cushioning to reduce joint fatigue and keep your arches properly supported. The Vibram rubber sole gives you excellent grip on the ground, and the soles are thick enough that they allow you to scramble over rocks and debris like a regular pair of hiking boots.

The construction is a bit narrow, but the shoes are lightweight enough that you won't feel them weigh you down even after a long day of hiking. They're durable, stable, supportive, and comfortable—everything you need in a pair of water shoes.

Design: The protective toe feels and looks like a pair of hiking shoes, offering maximum coverage against stones and dirt. However, the open sides and heel of the shoes gives you awesome ventilation—both for sweat and water.

The uppers are made from a synthetic leather with a textile lining, but they can get wet without becoming waterlogged or damaged. The elastic lacing system and elastic heel fabric will help the shoes to grip your feet tightly. Be warned: the holes in the sides are large enough that pebbles and small debris can get in.

Price: At just under $60, these are a very well-priced pair of shoes. They can handle A LOT of outdoor activity, but they're comfortable and convenient enough to wear by the beach or at the pool. All in all, they're your top choice if you need water shoes!

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