Why people love it
  • A slim, stylish, lightweight pair of hiking boots
  • Reasonably priced, yet VERY comfortable
  • Great cushioning, stability, and traction

Lacking support and not suited for heavier loads and rugged trails.


Performance: If you want a lightweight pair of boots for a day hike, you'll love these. They offer excellent comfort, good ventilation, and surprisingly excellent waterproofing (given the materials are synthetic). They weigh just 2 pounds, meaning you can wear them all day without tiring.

The lacing system is excellent, ensuring the boots grip your feet and ankles tightly as you scramble over rough and rocky ground. Though it's not built for truly rugged terrain, the boots are a comfortable option that will keep you hiking all day long through any forest, up any mountain, and along any riverbed.

Features: The original Moab was one of the top-rated hiking boots available, and the Moab 2 received an upgrade to just a few features: deeper cushioning for the heels, a higher arch in the insole, increased waterproofing, and added durability to the synthetic suede upper.

The Vibram outsoles offer excellent traction, thanks to the deep tread. With the moulded nylon shank built into the midsole, you'll find these shoes are surprisingly stable and offer great freedom of movement. The air cushions built into the heels will reduce joint impact and keep your knees, ankles, and feet from hurting after a long hike.

Price: Starting at $130, these are definitely on the pricier side. However, if you want lightweight comfort and durability, they're a great option to consider!

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