Why people love it

• Sleek, lightweight, minimalist design that offers comfort and support

• Good stability and versatility; a quality pair of shoes

• Among the most durable barefoot running shoes around


Lacking midsole support/comfort, and prone to blistering.


Performance: For those who like the "barefoot/minimalist" style of running, these are the shoes you'll want. They're true to the barefoot design without sacrificing cushioning or support. You'll find they keep your forefoot, heel, and ankle stable as you run. (Midsole support is a bit lacking, sadly.)

The fit on this shoe is surprisingly good, with a wide toe box that makes for more comfortable running. They're a fairly lightweight pair of shoes that will protect your feet as you run outdoors—perfect for barefoot runners tired of their feet being shredded by concrete. They offer all the versatility and mobility you need from a pair of running shoes for fast lateral movements (sprint training).

Features: These shoes have an incredibly durable Vibram rubber outsole, one that can keep up with your all-terrain runs (snow, concrete, mountain and forest trails, treadmills, etc.). They're among the most rugged of the barefoot class of running shoes, and you'll find they're surprisingly comfortable, even after hours of running, thanks to the ventilation offered by the breathable mesh upper.

Price: Starting at just under $80, these can be a tad pricey. However, compare that to the cost of other barefoot running shoes (like Vibram FiveFingers), and you'll see that the durability, support, and design of these bad boys make them an excellent choice for any minimalist runner.

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