Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2

Best Minimalist Trail Shoes

Why people love it
  • Protect your feet without affecting minimalist running form
  • Comfortable, secure grip, and well-ventilated
  • Lightweight; slim and sleek profile

Potentially too thick for minimalist runners.


Performance: If you're a minimalist runner, these shoes are must-haves for trail running. The durable Vibram outsole offers you excellent traction and a bit of protection for your feet, preventing scrapes and injuries on rocky, rugged terrain. However, the design of the sole is minimalist, so they won't interfere with your natural "barefoot" running form.

The shoes are made to be worn with or without socks, and they're fully machine-washable. They're a beautifully long-lasting pair of trail runners, but made with lightweight materials that won't drag on your feet. All in all, an amazing choice for minimalists and trail runners—one that's also 100% vegan-friendly!

Features: Built with Vibram rubber for the outsole and a breathable mesh-and-thermoplastic polyurethane upper, these shoes are ideal for minimalists who want comfort as well as protection from the elements. There is no heel-drop or cushioning in the shoes, encouraging the most natural stride possible.

The lacing system is simple but grips your feel tightly, ensuring you're always securely in your shoes whether you run in socks or barefoot. The antimicrobial agents used in the footliner will reduce odors and bacteria.

On the downside, some uber-minimalists prefer their shoes with less padding than you'll get in these bad boys.

Price: Starting at $50, these shoes are a tad on the pricier side of life, but worth it if you're a minimalist planning to hit rough and rugged trails.

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