9 Best Men's Supplements to Improve Your Sex Life

9 Best Men's Supplements to Improve Your Sex Life


After 16 hours of research evaluating 250 products, we picked ForHims as our top choice.

Everyone wants a great sex life. What you put into your body directly affects how you feel and function, and the right supplements to increase testosterone are essential for any man to perform at his peak in the bedroom.

(If you want scientifically-proven ways to boost your tesosterone levels, be sure to read this testosterone booster article).

Natural supplements that aid in sexual function have been around long before Viagra hit the market. These are the little known secrets men from various cultures have relied on for centuries.

They don’t have the unwanted side effects of prescription solutions, and better yet, they aren’t addictive. And yes, these lead to stellar, hot n' heavy sessions in the sheets.

If you want to be the guy who is great in bed (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t...) add these natural supplements to increase testosterone to your health routine. They not only help you perform better, but add to her enjoyment.

We've done the research to find only the best, most effective supplements on the market! No ridiculous "penis pills" here--only legitimate, science-backed supplements for a better sex life.

Check out our list of the best male enhancement supplements for you.

Best Sexual Supplement & Enhancement Pills for Men

  • 9. Nature Bound Pure Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca Powder
  • 8. Auragin Authentic Korean Red Ginseng
  • 7. BRI Nutrition Yohimbine HCI Extra Strength
  • 6. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate
  • 5. Herbal Secrets USDA-Certified Organic Maca Root Powder
  • 4. Doctor Recommended Choline
  • 3. NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in Organic Olive Oil
  • 2. Sheer Strength Sheer N.O.
  • 1. ForHims

Best Supplement to Increase Genital Circulation


Nature Bound Pure Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca Powder

Best Supplement to Increase Genital Circulation: Nature Bound Pure Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca Powder
4,292 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Boosts energy, in and out of the bedroom
  • Enhances circulation to the genitals (male and female alike)
  • Contains added ingredients for better efficiency

Boosts sex drive effectively, good results in a short amount of time, made with predominantly natural ingredients, and enhances energy levels.

May interfere with sleep.

Function: With a name like that, how could it NOT work? Horny goat weed is a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy that is rich in a flavonoid called icariin. Icariin inhibits the activity of PDE-5, an enzyme that breaks down the nitric oxide-produced cGMP. cGMP causes the penis to relax and increases blood flow, so it's vital for erections. By preventing the enzyme from breaking down cGMP, the icariin in horny goat weed helps to enhance your erections and keep them stronger for longer!

Details: Not only does this supplement contain a potent dose of horny goat weed extract, but it also contains red ginseng (great for improving circulation and blood flow to the genitals), tongkat ali (an aphrodisiac that can help to increase testosterone levels), muira puama (libido booster), and Mucuna Pruriens (dopamine booster to enhance your mood). It also contains L-arginine too increase nitric oxide levels. All in all, it's highly potent!

Price: At $18, this is a reasonably-priced supplement that does exactly what it promises. If not, you've got a 100% money back guarantee that offers a full refund.

Best Sexual Stamina Booster


Auragin Authentic Korean Red Ginseng

Best Sexual Stamina Booster: Auragin Authentic Korean Red Ginseng
1,570 Bought
80 % Editor Score
84 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • ONLY contains ginseng--no artificial or useless ingredients
  • "Red" ginseng  has a higher ginsenoside content than other ginseng products
  • Helps you feel better and more energized

Made from 100% red Panax ginseng, no added ingredients or fillers, and has a high ginsenoside content. This supplement can help to boost stamina and endurance both in the bedroom and the gym, plus will also enhance mood!

Some users report no discernible effect after weeks of taking the supplement and may cause some side effects.

Function: Ginseng is great at boosting circulation, but there is another unknown function that helps to enhance sex drive. It's believed to be the result of the ginsenosides in the ginseng, which increase nitric oxide activity in the body and stimulate the neurotransmitters that are activated when you are aroused.  Multiple studies have found that ginseng really does work as a sex booster!

Details: This ginseng supplement is NOT ginseng extract. Instead, it's 6-year old Korean ginseng that is ground into a powder and compressed into tablets. It's as natural as possible, with no added ingredients or fillers to dilute the potency of the ginseng itself. The fact that it's red ginseng (red referring to the process rather than the ginseng) means that it has a higher ginsenoside content (8%) than other ginseng extracts.

Price: $38 is a bit of a high price to pay for ginseng, but considering the high quality of this particular ginsent, it's well worth the investment. The 100% natural supplement is as potent as you could ask for, and is the best libido-boosting ginseng product on the market.

Best Supplement for Longer-Lasting Erections


BRI Nutrition Yohimbine HCI Extra Strength

Best Supplement for Longer-Lasting Erections: BRI Nutrition Yohimbine HCI Extra Strength
1,502 Bought
83 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Potent supplement with high dosage of sex drive-boosting ingredients
  • Helps to suppress appetite and promote weight loss
  • Made from all natural, vegetarian-friendly ingredients

High dosage of Yohimbine per capsule, made in the U.S., great for weight loss and appetite control, and longer-lasting supply of the supplement.

May cause side effects.

Function: Yohimbine is an alpha-2 andregenic receptor antagonist, which means it prevents your body from curtailing nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is needed for harder, firmer, longer-lasting erections, and this supplement will ensure your body has as much of this vital nutrient as possible.

However, be warned: it is a stimulant that will increase your metabolic rate and heartbeat. It has been known to cause side effects like irregular or rapid heart beat, kidney problems, and upset stomach.

Details: These pills contain 2.5 milligrams of Yohimbine, more than twice the amount you'll get from cheaper, lower-quality supplements. Not only that, but this supplement is made in the U.S., in an FDA-certified lab, using only high quality ingredients. It's manufactured to be as safe for your consumption as possible, and is vegetarian-friendly.

The effects of the supplement aren't going to make you want to rip your clothes off and dive in bed. It's a much subtler supplement that mildly increases your sexual desire. However, once you are aroused, it will help to maintain those erections for longer and keep them much harder. It will also provide a boost of energy, control your appetite, improve your mood, and help to promote weight loss.

Price: At just over $13, you are looking at one of the best-priced male enhancement supplements on this list! Each bottle comes with a 90-day supply of the highly potent capsules, delivering quantity as well as quality.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster


Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate
861 Bought
85 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Relaxes your body, reduces muscle cramps, and enhances testosterone
  • High-rated, bioavailable magnesium supplement
  • Good value for the price tag

Good purity, easily absorbed, highly bioavailable form of magnesium, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, well-priced, relaxing formula, high quality supplement, and excellent nutritional value.

The large capsules are a bit difficult to swallow.

Function: Magnesium deficiencies have been linked to low testosterone levels, so it's vital that you increase magnesium intake in order to increase sex drive. Magnesium encourages muscle relaxation, effective muscle movement, and the production of testosterone and other hormones. More specifically, it stops the sex-binding globulin hormone from binding to free testosterone, ensuring effective activity in your body's hormone receptors.

Details: This magnesium supplement contains 500 milligrams of TRAACS, a patented form of magnesium that has been chelated to enhance bioavailability. The fact that it's magnesium glycinate (magnesium bonding to the amino acid glycine) means that it will enhance the relaxant properties of the magnesium. It's very easily absorbed and put to use by your body.

The supplement is 100% vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. It is one of the top-rated magnesium supplements on third party tester Labdoor, where it received top marks for purity, ingredient safety, projected efficacy, label accuracy, and nutritional value. Each capsule delivers 206 mg of pure magnesium to boost testosterone levels!

Price: At just under $15 for a bottle of 240 tablets, you're paying about 4 cents per capsule. Given its high efficacy and the quality of the magnesium, it's definitely a supplement worth considering!

Best Nutrient-Dense Aphrodisiac


Herbal Secrets USDA-Certified Organic Maca Root Powder

Best Nutrient-Dense Aphrodisiac: Herbal Secrets USDA-Certified Organic Maca Root Powder
1,274 Bought
89 % Editor Score
89 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A 100% organic libido-booster
  • Balances hormones, energy, metabolism, and immune function
  • Nutrient-dense superfood; potentially effective for increasing sex drive

USDA-certified organic, improves sex drive AND cardiovascular function, boosts immunity and energy, easy to mix, potentially effective for increasing fertility and sperm count, no artificial ingredients, plus pure and potent.

Tastes bad, and features a really gritty texture.

Function: Multiple animal studies (no human trials to date) have found that maca root can be used as an aphrodisiac, and it may prove an effective booster for male libido. It's also useful for improving sperm quality and count. Some studies indicate that it could reduce enlarged prostate, boost resistance to disease, increase mental clarity, improve cardiovascular and metabolic function, and enhance male fertility.

Details: This maca root product is made using 100% organic maca root from Peru, with no artificial ingredients, additives, sweeteners, or fillers. It's as natural as it gets, meaning the highest chance of effectiveness. The vast majority of reviewers have stated that they are getting results from the supplement, in terms of balanced hormones, more energy, increased libido, and enhanced fertility.

The product is made to be easily mixed into any smoothie or drink, though you'll want to blend it to avoid the gritty texture. It's not the best-tasting supplement, so mix it into a strong-flavored drink (chocolate milk, for example).

Price: At $15 for a pound of maca root, this is a fairly well-priced supplement. There are cheaper maca root products on the market, but none are 100% USDA-certified organic like this one.


Best Libido Booster


Doctor Recommended Choline

Best Libido Booster: Doctor Recommended Choline
1,489 Bought
93 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Provides most of your daily choline DV
  • High quality supplement; made in certified labs
  • Improves not just sex drive, but brain, nervous system, and cognitive function as well

Contains high dosage of choline, friendly to all diets, boosts testosterone production, enhances endocrine function, and comes at a very reasonable price.

Cheaper form of choline.

Function: Did you know that a choline deficiency can cause libido problems? Choline acts like testosterone supplements for men, as an increase in choline helps to stabilize testosterone levels. Choline is needed for a healthy endocrine system and will ensure that your body produces enough sex hormones to keep your sex drive firing on all cylinders.

Details: Each capsule contains 500 mg of choline bitartrate, which is 90% of the amount recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board. For those who eat eggs and daily products, it's the perfect option to guarantee you're getting enough of the choline your body needs to produce testosterone and other sex hormones.

The product is made in a CGMP and FDA-certified lab, and is Halal (Muslim), Kosher (Jewish), and vegan-friendly. It won't just enhance your sex drive, but it will improve brain and nervous system function. It is needed to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory and cognition. It may even help to boost energy and increase endurance.

Price: At $17, this is a well-priced option. Its effects on your sex drive may not be as noticeable as some of the other supplements on this list, but it's a subtler male enhancement supplement that quietly goes about improving your health in all areas.

Best Vitamin for Higher Testosterone Levels


NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in Organic Olive Oil

Best Vitamin for Higher Testosterone Levels: NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in Organic Olive Oil
1,465 Bought
96 % Editor Score
93 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Easily digested, highly bioavailable form of this important vitamin
  • Helps to increase testosterone production
  • Excellent for the health of your bones, teeth, and muscles

Provides your body the vitamin needed to produce testosterone, enhances bone and teeth health, increases mineral absorption, boosts immune function, and contains extra-high dose of Vitamin D per capsule. On top of that, the softgels are easy to swallow and this supplement is completely non-GMO.

Non-vegetarian and features an oddly sweet taste.

Function: Vitamin D may be a nutrient most commonly associated with your bone health, but did you know it plays a role in your sex drive as well? Your body needs Vitamin D in order to produce testosterone, and more Vitamin D helps to prevent the buildup of arterial plaque that reduces circulation (thereby reducing blood flow to your penis). Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to ED, so you definitely want more Vitamin D in your life!

Note: Sunlight is the best way to get more Vitamin D, but for those who live in countries or areas with less sunlight, a supplement is a good alternative.

Specifics: Each capsule contains 5,000 IU of Vitamin D, which is the Vitamin D Council's recommended daily dosage. Higher Vitamin D levels not only means healthier bones, teeth, muscles, and immunity, but also healthier levels of testosterone. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to low T levels, so increasing your Vitamin D intake is the way to go.

This supplement delivers a bio-active form of Vitamin D, just like the Vitamin D you get from spending time in the sun. The capsules are all gluten-free and non-GMO, but they are made with bovine gelatin (not vegetarian-friendly). You can get all the Vitamin D you need without being exposed to UV rays!

Price: At under $15, this is one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market. You get 360 capsules (1 per day) per bottle, delivering a year-long supply of this important vitamin. Definitely a worthy addition to your daily routine.

Best Supplement to Improve Sex


Sheer Strength Sheer N.O.

Best Supplement to Improve Sex: Sheer Strength Sheer N.O.
7,363 Bought
99 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Highly effective as a libido/sex drive booster
  • Increases blood flow to the penis and testicles
  • Excellent for bodybuilders and athletes

Formulated to drastically increase nitric oxide production, heart-friendly, boosts circulation, increases available energy, helps to strengthen and harden erections, certified high quality, and--on top of all that--reasonably priced.

Some users report no effects after taking the supplement.

Function: Nitric oxide is the chemical produced by your body as a result of arousal, as it helps to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to your penis. By increasing blood flow, you increase the duration and the hardness of your erections.

Details: This supplement contains a combination of three ingredients designed to boost nitric oxide: 1) L-arginine, the amino acid your body needs to produce nitric oxide; 2) Pine Bark Extract, a nutrient that has been used for centuries to treat E.D.; and 3) Citruline, another amino acid that can reduce fatigue and enhance endurance. These three ingredients combined lead to much better nitric oxide production in your body, in turn enhancing your blood flow--specifically to your genitals!

Not only will this supplement improve your circulation, but it can help to reduce hypertension/blood pressure issues and enhance your heart health. It will enhance vascularity (visibility of veins over your muscles) and provide you with a hefty dose of energy. Everything you need for better sex AND better workouts!

Price: At $28, this is a slightly pricey product. However, it does offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the purchase, so it's no loss to you if you don't see the results you wanted.

Best Way to Buy Viagra (Sildenafil) Online in Privacy



Best Way to Buy Viagra (Sildenafil) Online in Privacy: ForHims
2,167 Clicks
90 % Editor Score
97 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Get checked out and your prescription filled immediately
  • Good price for the product you need
  • Easy, discreet shopping

Online assessment available via the website to obtain a prescription, $30 per month gets you a steady supply of sildenafil, and checkout is a breeze.

Only generic sildenafil—no brand-name Viagra available. Sildenafil contains the same active ingredient that is in Viagra.

Expert Ratings


9.0 / 10

The website charges $20 for a 10-pack of 20 milligram pills—so $1 per pill. Given that the regular dosage is around 50-100 mg, you’ll definitely go through those packs in a month, yet it will still be cheaper than the high prices once paid for branded Viagra.

There are two additional fees: a $10 membership fee (unclear if it’s a one-time charge) and a $5 medical fee (for the doctor’s time).

Overall Editor Score

9.0 / 10

The website makes its process clear: “Hims will match you with an independent physician who will evaluate whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for the prescription product and if appropriate, may write you a prescription for the product.”

The website won’t just sell it to you, but they do make it very easy for men who need sildenafil to get it. The assessment is conducted online and does not require any face-to-face meeting with a doctor in order to get your prescription. Once they conclude that you are an appropriate candidate, checkout and buying the pills will be a simple matter.

The initial purchase is a 10-pack of 20-milligram pills, but if the doctor determines that you are eligible for a higher dosage, it will be made available to you.

ForHims does NOT sell Pfizer-brand Viagra, only generic sildenafil. But, as you read above, the generic brand pills are just as effective as the branded ones, so you’re still getting good bang for your buck (see what we did there?).

ForHims also makes shopping a very discreet process. You can purchase the product easily and quickly, and it will show up as an innocuous charge on your credit card (sparing any embarrassment at the bank). Best of all, the pills ship quickly, and they’ll arrive at your home within a few business days—just in time for your weekend fun or vacations.

Faveable Expert Tips


Underlying Causes of Erectile Problems

There are a surprising number of things that can impact your sexual performance negatively, including stress, lack of sleep, and even dietary imbalances. However, the main factor that causes your sex life to become "meh" at best is erectile difficulties.

Here's a scary statistic: up to 40% of men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile problems. That number increases to 70% by the age of 70. It's estimated up to 52% of men will have erectile dysfunction in their lives.

What causes these erectile problems?

  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and other cardiovascular diseases and disorders
  • Diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, all of which reduce and impair blood flow to the genitals
  • Prescription medications, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Sleep disorders, depression, stress, and mental health problems
  • Prostate cancer and other prostate treatments

The vast majority of supplements used to improve sexual performance are aimed at these primarily the first two underlying causes of erectile difficulties. By improving cardiovascular function and decreasing obesity and metabolic diseases, the supplements send more blood flow to the genitals. This increases testosterone production as well as provides the blood required for stiffer, harder, longer-lasting erections.

Supplements that Improve Sexual Performance

Here are some of the supplements scientifically proven to improve sexual performance, combat erectile difficulties, and enhance your sex life:

L-Carnitine – Carnitine is produced by your body and plays a role in your metabolic functions. It has been proven effective at improving blood flow, and WebMD states that it could enhance the effectiveness of Viagra.

L-Arginine – Arginine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning it's not used by the body to build new muscle tissue. It is used, however, for the production of nitric oxide, which is needed for the dilation of blood vessels. Poor vasodilation plays a role in erectile problems, as a lack of blood flow through the body means less blood flowing to "non-critical body parts". By increasing arginine intake, you can increase your body's natural production of nitric oxide. This will lead to better dilation of the blood vessels, which ultimately leads to better blood flow to your genitals.

Niacin – Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is a supplement used to combat high cholesterol. Niacin raises the levels of HDL cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol that helps to keep "bad" LDL cholesterol in check. If your erectile problems are the result of high cholesterol, niacin may be a good option to consider.

DHEA – According to recent studies, DHEA is one of the safest sex-booster supplements, as it has not been proven to negatively affect your hormone levels. Taking daily DHEA supplements may help to enhance your sex drive and increase your libido, but there is minimal evidence proving that it's highly effective. Mainly, it's just a "safe" supplement that has the potential to work!

Maca Root – Maca root has undergone a good deal of animal testing, but not many studies have examined its effects on humans. However, in animal tests, taking maca was associated with an increase in sexual behavior. Maca root is fully natural, making it a decent option to consider.

Ginseng – The Chinese have used ginseng as a remedy for many things, including sexual performance. One animal study found that red ginseng had the potential to be effective for treating erectile dysfunction. More studies discovered that it could improve sexual satisfaction, increase libido, and enhance erections. The scientific data may be scant, but it's there!

Yohimbine – This supplement, made from the bark of an African evergreen tree, has been proven effective at improving vasodilation and decreasing blood pressure. Both of these can improve sexual performance and combat erectile difficulties. Studies have indicated a positive outcome of taking yohimbine in up to 46% of cases.

SAM-e – For those suffering from erectile difficulties caused by depression, anxiety, and stress, SAM-e (S-adenosyl methionine) may be an option to consider. It is a chemical produced in your body, and it may be effective at improving depression-related erectile problems.

These supplements are considered the "most effective" due to the fact that they have scientific evidence backing up their claims. Putting aside the marketing hype surrounding these supplements, they are the few that have been proven in studies, clinical trials, and meta-analyses to actually offer benefits, however small.

Warning: DO NOT take these supplements without checking with your doctor first. This is doubly important if you are currently taking medication for depression, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions. The risk of negative interaction is VERY high!

Natural Supplements vs. Vitamins vs. Herbs

When it comes to buying "sex-boosting supplements", it can be tough to know what's worth the money. Sadly, the FDA does not regulate supplements, meaning there is very little control or oversight. Manufacturers can get away with a lot of underhanded and deceitful practices. In some cases, supplements can actually be more dangerous than you'd think!

The term "dietary supplement" refers to any product that is intended to supplement the diet. The supplements will contain one or more ingredients important to the diet, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, and the list goes on. All these fall under the umbrella of "dietary supplements".

The FDA regards these supplements as food, not medicine. They do not require the manufacturers to prove the safety or efficiency of the products. Understanding the differences between the various supplements, herbs and herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals is the key to being smart and safe with your supplementation!

Vitamins/Minerals – We all know how important vitamins and minerals are for our health. Vitamin C keeps our immune systems functioning, Vitamin A protects our eyes, iron produces red blood cells, and calcium is needed for our bones.

In regards to sexual performance, there are a few vitamins and minerals you want to get a lot more of:

  • Vitamin C, which can enhance sperm count and motility, and can reduce the risk of damaged genetic material.
  • Vitamin E, which can prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol, leading to healthier blood flow to the genitals.
  • Vitamin D, which can boost libido and is necessary for the production of testosterone.
  • Folic acid, a B vitamin that plays a role in healthy sperm production.
  • Selenium, a trace mineral that improves sperm health, decreases oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system, and boosts fertility.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent cardiovascular conditions and enhance blood flow.
  • Calcium, which is vital for sperm motility.
  • Iron, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and copper, all of which play a role in a healthy reproductive system.

Obviously, the best way to get more of these vitamins and minerals is via the food you eat. According to the NIH, it's possible to get enough in your daily diet simply by adding more fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes to your meals.

However, multivitamins are another option to supplement your health diet. They can give you more of specific vitamins and minerals to boost your reproductive health.

The problem with these vitamin supplements is that they are usually made with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Chemically-produced nutrients mimic the way natural nutrients act in our bodies, but they tend to be less bio-efficient (harder for your body to use).

In many cases, your body won't be able to use them at all because they lack the co-factors and transporters needed for their uptake. For example, Vitamin E is fat-soluble, so taking a Vitamin E supplement without fat renders the antioxidant useless. Your body may even need to access existing minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to absorb the supplements, leading to a deficiency of some minerals and an abundance of others.

(Global Healing Center has a great list of synthetic vitamins to avoid.)

In a perfect world, you should get more sex-boosting vitamins and minerals from your food. Eating more vitamin and mineral-rich foods is the best way to enhance sexual performance. However, if you're going to take supplements, try to find vitamins derived from natural sources.

(See THIS Food Label article on how to find natural vitamins…)

Herbals and Botanicals

The terms "herbals" and "botanicals" refer to any supplement made from a plant, herb, or flower. Herbal therapies have been used for millennia, thanks to the fact that plants have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties as built-in defense mechanisms.

Herbal and botanical medicines, treatments, and supplements are becoming highly popular in this modern day and age when people are looking for alternatives to medications. The problem is that many manufacturers are using this popularity as a means to sell low-quality and even potentially dangerous herbal and botanical supplements.

Herbals and botanicals are usually categorized in one of two ways:

  • Herbal extracts are made using ingredients extracted from an herb. The extract will contain a specific amount of the component (a %), but usually ONLY that component. Many of the other components of the plants will go to waste, leaving only the specific extract.
  • Whole herbal products are made using the whole herb rather than a specific extract. The chemical makeup of the herbs can change according to their origin, soil quality, and many other factors. This can lead to a less-than-standardized percentage of herbal ingredients, but potentially a more balanced product.

The debate over herbal extracts versus whole herbs will rage on unchecked for years to come. Proponents of herbal extracts will cite the standardization and consistency in quality, while critics will insist that whole herbs are the only way to ensure maximum efficiency and bioavailability.

Natural Sex Boosters

Vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts aren't the only way to enhance your sex life! Try these natural sex boosters to improve your performance, stamina, erections, and overall sexual function without the need for supplements:

  • Exercise. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, combats obesity and metabolic disease, and keeps testosterone levels stable. Exercise will also improve your stamina and help you last longer in bed.
  • Reduce chemical exposure. Xenoestrogens can mimic the effects of estrogen in your body, decreasing testosterone levels and reducing your libido. Try Alive's list of things to avoid in order to reduce exposure to these xenoestrogens.
  • Improve your diet. Weight loss isn't the only thing to consider; you also have to factor in a balanced intake of the fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will improve your cardiovascular, metabolic, endocrine, and reproductive health. Get more raw ingredients in your diet, and cut back on refined, processed, and artificial foods.
  • Cut back on drinking and smoking. Alcohol and nicotine both will have a negative effect on your sex drive—nicotine more so than alcohol. Impotence is twice as common among heavy smokers, due to the vasoconstriction caused by smoking. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can reduce testosterone levels and increase your risk of impotence.
  • Fight stress and anxiety. Your mind plays a role in your sexual health just like your body does. Excessive stress and anxiety can decrease sexual function and increase your risk of performance issues.
  • Spend more time in the sun. When you spend more time outdoors, your body's production of melatonin increases. This not only leads to better sleep at night, but also a more active libido.
  • Enjoy it more. Stop worrying so much about how long you last (or don't last!). Enjoy the time you spend having sex with your partner, and focus on making them happy. Worrying about finishing sooner or not being able to get an erection will just make the problems more likely to occur.
  • Masturbate more. As if you needed a reason! Masturbation can help you to last longer and improve your stamina in bed.

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  • Very informative post. Really good information. Natural treatment for male sexual weakness is very safe and effective.

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