Here's How to Get Sexy, Clean Nails (Without the Salon)

Here's How to Get Sexy, Clean Nails (Without the Salon)

You may think that manicures and pedicures are exclusive to the realm of women.  No one is asking you to head off to the local nail parlour to have them done.  (Though it is an experience that most men enjoy.)  But, you’ve got to keep your nails clean, trimmed and filed.  It’s sexy – and it says that you care about your appearance and your health.  Not only that, but rough nails are likely to scratch you and anyone you touch.  It's an absolute faux pas – whether it’s your girlfriend, your kids or it happens when you shake the hand of a new business associate.

These kits cover every level of nail maintenance.  Some have a few extra tools for grooming hairs that you’d rather not discuss (and certainly don’t want to have).  But, if you can afford it, go in for the best set you can.  And, learn how to use every tool in your kit; perhaps you can consider a professional manicure your research.

To get started, you can take a look at this video featuring the founder of The Grooming Lounge.  Or, if you’re feeling quite comfortable with a basic manicure, then follow these easy steps.

  • Start by massaging your hands.  It sounds silly; we know.  But, massaging your hands stimulates blood flow, softens the tissues and helps to exfoliate your rough hands.  (A manicure isn’t all about the nails, believe it or not.)
  • Trim and file your nails.  If you’re giving yourself regular manicures, then you should only need to file your nails.  But, if you need to clip, then do it – then file the edges smooth.  Your nails should reach the edge of your fingertips – no more, no less.
  • Soak, scrub and clean your nails.  Soaking makes it easier to release the dirt trapped underneath your nails and gets your hands to the lovely soft skin that all women enjoy.  Use a nail brush if you need to and plenty of soap when you do.
  • Push back your cuticles.  This is where the soaking comes in handy (pun intended).  That dead skin covering the bottom edge of your nail isn’t sexy, so push it back and then clean the corners of your nail afterwards.  If you need to, use a cuticle cutter to get rid of that excess skin.  Just don’t cut too close.
  • Rinse and buff your nails.  Clean your hands, apply a touch of hand cream and then buff your nails into a natural shine.  Then, dry your hands and move onto your feet.  They’re likely a bigger challenge, especially during the winter months.  But, at least you don’t need to use your weaker hand to groom the one you use most often.

Don’t forget, if it all seems like it will be too much work, head off for a professional manicure.  You’ll love it.