Why people love it
  • Maintains a natural look with a terrific smell
  • Conditioning formula offers volume and texture
  • Gives pliable hold and control for fine hair
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

Can leave hair feeling flat and greasy if too much product is used.


This grooming cream by Aveda is certainly not on the cheap side.  But, it is an incredible product.  It allows your hair to maintain its style, while still looking completely natural.  It has an interesting spicy yet refreshing aroma due to its blend of citrus and essential oils of spearmint and lavender.  This styling cream will give you a moveable hold, which is perfect if you want to reshape your hair throughout the day without getting sticky fingers while doing it.

Women love the way this product smells which is a positive in and of itself, but it does more than tempt the ladies. It also locks in moisture the way fine hair needs. If you have fine hair, this offers a little more than a medium hold. If your hair is thicker, you can expect a lot less in the way of control, but it’s still a winner.

Application: You don’t want to apply this to wet hair or you’ll end up with a sheen that thin hair isn’t going to benefit from. Damp or dry works better.

Who’s It For: We can’t say it enough; this is really best for the guy with fine hair (and yes, that does include thinning hair).

Why We Love It: The scent of this styling cream would almost be enough to recommend it. And, we would sing its praises if it would work better on more hair types.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Love this product. I have thick coarse hair, and found products that did provide control but made my hair "scrunchy", or products that were "medium control", but provided no hold at all.
  • A small amount works perfectly. Keeps hair under control without being overstyled.
  • Light weight but works very well.
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