Membership to Winc Wine Club

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Drinkers

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Why people love it
  • A great way to discover new wines
  • Discounted bottles delivered right to his doorstep
  • Tailored to his prefences

Purchase/subscription set-up and cancellation can be a bit tricky.


The Details: For wine-lovers, this is the gift that will keep on giving for a whole year! The wine club membership will allow him to try out different wines and find a new vintage that he'll love. The wines are delivered directly to his door, and the service will make a monthly recommendation according to his palate and preferences. He can choose the recommended wines or try his own. 

With the delivery of each vintage, he receives a recipe card with information on recommended food and wine pairings. If he leaves a review/rating on the wines, he can earn credit towards future wine purchases. Your wine-loving boyfriend can't help but appreciate this Christmas gift. 

Price: It's a bit of a pricey gift, considering you'll pay anywhere from $39 (for 3 bottles) to $52 (for 4 bottles) per month. However, the quality wines are worth it, and you can give him the initial subscription and let him continue to pay it himself as he orders more wines. 


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