Melissa and Doug Stuffed Unicorn

Best Gift for a Girl Who Loves Stuffed Animals

Why people love it
  • Silky-soft fur
  • Large size
  • Stands on its own

You can’t stick this giant stuffed animal in the washing machine when it gets dirty. You have to clean it by hand.


Why she’s gotta have it: Because what girl doesn’t need a stuffed unicorn that’s approximately 4 feet long and 3 feet high? She’ll have hours of fun embarking on adventures with this magical creature, whether she’s exploring the forest with fairies or saving the world while gripping this unicorn’s sparkly horn.

This unicorn is soft, shimmery, and beautiful. Expect to find it next to your little one’s bed if she can’t fit it on the mattress each night.

Price: You’ll dole out $80 to $100 for this giant unicorn, but parents report their kids still love this cuddly creature long after Christmas ends.

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