Mediabridge is the perfect middle ground between expensive, extremely high-quality cables, and the cheap “whatever” variants.

  • Triple Shielded Heavy Duty 28AWG Premium Grade Cable
  • Solid Copper Conductors, and Premium Gold-Plated Solid Metal Shielded Connectors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mediabridge has paid a lot of attention to details, as this cable has plenty. It’s built out of finest materials, making it durable enough to withstand a lot of bending, yet flexible enough to be placed in the tiniest of spaces. It features gold-plated solid metal shielded connectors and has triple shielding, offering transfer rates of at least 10.2Gbps with the highest refresh rates available.

 What the reviewers say:

  • I purchased these cables recently to hook up my HDTV's to the HD boxes I have from my cable provider. I was amazed to find out that the quality of the picture and sound is similar to, if not the same as, the $100 cable I purchased from Best Buy a few years ago. I wish I knew then what I know now regarding these cables. I do not use them for any gaming systems, just HD cable. I am completely satisfied with the product I received and was convinced of purchasing this product after reading the on-line reviews that were submitted by other individuals.
  • Been using these cables for connectivity between my TV, Xbox One, and cable box. Works flawlessly, they're cheap, and easy to setup.
  • I have been using this product for 2-3 years, has held up well and looks like it will continue to do so. Definitely worth it.
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