Mederma Scar Cream Plus SPF 30

Best Scar Removal Cream with SPF

Why people love it
  • Lightens appearance of scars
  • Excellent for surgery scars
  • Really works (sometimes with time and sometimes quickly)

The small tube size allows you to easily pack this into your purse. The SPF is a bonus and the product has a pleasant smell.

There are those that experience breakouts when using this and it does take some time to work.


There’s no discounting the brand behind this product and this particular scar removal cream is no exception. We appreciate its ability to protect against further damage while it lightens and reduces the appearance of scars. That makes it a viable option for visible scars (think facial issues) – and it doesn’t do a bad job with acne scars either. That said, it does tend to do a fantastic job with surgery scars.

The manufacturer believes it should take about 8 weeks to be effective on new scars, and it could take as much as 6 months for older scars. But, there are plenty of users that have found success faster. One thing most of the successful users have found is that it’s important to follow the usage instructions – which means applying it 3 times a day.

Consistency: The texture of this cream is excellent – and non-oily. It also absorbs quickly.

Scent: This scar removal cream doesn’t smell bad at all. Most users find this mostly unscented product rather pleasant smelling.

Notable ingredients: Avobezone 3%, Octorcrylene 10%, and Oxybenone 6% - along with Cepalin.

Parabens: Yes

Cruelty-free: Unfortunately, no.

Application: It should be applied evenly and massaged into the scar 3 times daily until absorbed.

Package options: 0.6 oz (20 grams)

Cost: You should expect to pay between $15-17 for this scar cream with SPF when you order it on Amazon. There’s also a Subscribe and Save option which will save you more. However, this product is still one of the more expensive options when you break it down to price per ounce (roughly $27 per ounce).

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