Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

Best Scar Removal Cream Overall

Why people love it
  • Highly effective
  • Works faster than expected
  • Great for new scars, especially surgical scars

The directions for use aren’t terribly clear. (Please take a look at our notes.)


Mederma is one of the best-known scar removal brands and this particular formulation is no different. Some lucky users experience results in as little as two weeks, but it all depends on the type of scar – and how old it is. The manufacturers suggest remaining patient for four months.

While this does a decent job with acne scars, it really shines with surgery and burn scars. The fresher the wounds, the better it will do. As with any scar removal product, not everyone experiences the same dramatic results. But, you’re supposed to apply it at night which means you can use it in tandem with other Mederma products to accelerate healing. Given all of that, we think it’s worth a try.

Consistency: It’s a white cream that absorbs into the skin.

Scent: Pleasant, light, almost neutral scent.

Notable ingredients: Tripeptol (a combination of collagen, peptides, and antioxidants) as well as Dimethicone (2%).

Parabens: No

Cruelty-free: Sadly, no.

Application: Nightly application. Apply only to the scar itself and that’s it. Don’t rub it in more than needed and don’t let it work into the surrounding area.

Package options: 1 oz. tube

Cost: The MSRP puts this scar removal cream just over $15, but you should get it for a little less than that if you put it on your Subscribe and Save list. That makes it around $15 per ounce which makes this one of the most reasonably-priced scar removal products available.

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