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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack
  • Comfortable regardless of size
  • Super portable with its own backpack
  • Convenient to use and store
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This Medela breast pump is perfect for busy moms that need to pump several times a day - and the carrying case makes it easy to do so away from home. The pump itself features two-phase expression technology with a single touch let-down button. 

Some users report occasional condensation in the tubing and it can be a little on the loud side (especially in an echoey bathroom).


If you can afford it, this is the breast pump you want to get. Sure, nothing is perfect (and it may feel as though your home will never be clean again), but there are a lot of pros to this particular model. In addition to the electric pump and the backpack it comes in, you also get four bottles in a cooler bag with removable ice pack. It's about as convenient as you can get; especially with the battery adaptor. 

So, why is this the top fave? Easy. You get a huge amount of options, benefits, and convenience. But, as The Pumping Mommy will tell you, it's all about the "performance!" Indeed, most mommy and pumping bloggers have plenty of great things to say. According to the website, Breastfeeding Quest, the Medela Pump In Style is "one of the best daily-use pumps on the market." She recommends it for "moms who pump regularly to boost their milk supply. Also for moms going back to work and pumping away from their babies."

  • Efficiency: You can expect a large amount of milk in a short amount of time with this Medela Pump in Style breast pump. That's because of the two-phase expression mechanism designed to replicate the breastfeeding experience. Essentially, you'll experience short, gentle suction at the beginning which stimulates the let-down reflex your baby would provide at the beginning of a feed. After that, the tugs become longer and stronger. There are options to adjust phase length and intensity according to your needs. 
  • Ease of Use: This is perhaps the easiest pump to use, in part, because of the portability offered by the included backpack. All you need to do is unzip the pocket with the pump and plug it in before attaching the tubing to it - and the bottles and breast shields. It's rather intuitive, which helps - especially for first-time pumpers that have reservations. There's also a battery adapter which makes it easy to take the entire setup somewhere quiet, comfortable, and away from people. 
  • Comfort: Breast milk pumping is never completely comfortable, though many women barely notice any pain or sensitivity. In general, manual pumping is a little more comfortable than electric pumps but obviously more time-consuming. This pump, however, is one of the most pleasant experiences a nursing mother can have, and this pump is easily one of the best for moms that exclusively express. There are different sized breast shields available, so if you need to move up or down a size, you don't have to replace the entire unit. 
  • Portability: The all-inclusive backpack should really tell you this machine can go anywhere - and is designed to do just that. The battery adaptor doubles the portability score. If you're always on the move, consider this Medela Pump in Style breast pump.
  • Washability: If there's one part where this pump falls down, it's the condensation in the tubing of this open system. This doesn't affect suction, but after a few months, you don't want to experience any buildup that could affect the quality of your milk. The easiest way around this is to pick up a pack or two of replacement tubes, which are easy to find. Regular washing is, as with all things regarding your baby's health, absolutely essential - but no breast pump is self-cleaning. 
  • Noise Level: Okay, okay, it's not quiet. But, the hum isn't terribly annoying for most people. If you need to be discreet, however, this is not the pump for you. 
  • Price: The MSRP is $300, but you're never going to pay that much. It typically retails on Amazon for under $200 and for what you get, that's a great price. 

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