MDF Calibra Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Best Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

Why people love it
  • Accurate results
  • No need for batteries or an AC adapter
  • Durable design

Manual readings are often more accurate than digital readings. You control inflation, so you don’t have to worry about compressing your upper arm too much.

There’s a learning curve if you’re not a healthcare professional, but you can ask a doctor or a nurse to show you how to use this manual cuff. Also, you need a stethoscope for an accurate reading.


Ease of Use: Checking your blood pressure might be tricky at first if you’ve never used a sphygmomanometer (the official term for a manual blood pressure cuff). Aside from that, it’s fairly simple to use this medical tool because you don’t have to worry about installing batteries, pressing buttons, or syncing apps.  

Accuracy: Manual blood pressure cuffs are generally more accurate than digital monitors, and this MDF sphygmomanometer is no exception. This medical tool is calibrated 5 times before it’s sold, so you can expect accurate results from day one.

Features: There aren’t many special features since this isn’t a digital device, but it does have a large dial for easy viewing. Also, it’s stress-tested 3,000 times before you buy it, and there’s a lifetime calibration warranty. This is a durable sphygmomanometer that’s built to last.

Price: Around $30, but keep in mind you also need a stethoscope because this is a manual blood pressure cuff. You might be able to score a free stethoscope if you pay attention to the special offers and promotions when you add this item to your cart. MDF often runs specials.

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