Maytag Front Control Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher Under $500

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Why people love it
  • A high-powered, highly efficient dishwasher at a great price
  • Incredibly easy to use; simple controls and excellent operation
  • Reliable, durable, and energy-efficient

User-friendly, easily-accessible front controls, powerful motor, five wash cycles, stainless steel exterior, 4-blade chopper to get rid of food particles, high-pressure PowerBlast cycle, sound-dampening insulation, 10-year warranty, and Energy Star-qualified.

Small interior with limited space, plus fewer control options.


Performance: If you’re looking for power, you’ll love what this dishwasher has to offer. It has one of the most powerful motors of any dishwasher on the market, ensuring maximum power for your dish washing cycles. You’ll find it’s easy to get rid of hard-to-clean foods (like peanut butter or egg yolks) thanks to this added power. For really stubborn foods, you can use the PowerBlast cycle, which directs a high-pressure spray of hot water and steam.

At 50 dbA, the machine is a bit noisier than you might like. However, the sound-dampening insulation will help to reduce a bit of the noise. The stainless steel exterior is durable, resistant to damage, and won’t collect fingerprints with regular use. Though the interior isn’t as large as you might like, it’s a highly efficient dishwasher at a great price.

Features: The dishwasher only comes with five cycle options, including the PowerBlast and a Steam Sanitize option that use high heat and steam to kill off 99.99% of food soil bacteria. The coating of the nylon dish racks will help to prevent rust and bacteria build-up, ensuring maximum cleanliness for your dishes with every wash.

The dishwasher is fully Energy Star qualified, making it one of the more energy-efficient options on our list. It uses less water and power with every wash!

Price: At $499, this is one of the cheaper dishwashers you’ll find on the market, but don’t think a lower price tag means lower quality. With this bad boy, you get durability, reliability, and power at a cost you can love!

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