Maytag Bravos MEDB855DW

Best Steam-Technology Dryer

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Why people love it

  • Amazing capacity  
  • Wonderfully quiet 
  • The options and settings are fantastic


Some cycles can be a little longer than you might expect and it’s wider than the standard 27”. 


You’re not going to choose this dryer based on its appearance; it’s not that pretty. But, it’s a remarkable dryer – especially given the price.

For a start, it’s large. There is 8.8 cu. ft. of space inside this Maytag dryer and that’s very big. Sure, the largest on the list is 9.5, but average is somewhere between 7 and 8 cu. ft. And, it’s seriously quiet. (It’s got an excellent rating here from the folks at Consumer Reports.)

But, we really love the auto-sensors and the steam functions. Both are amazing, but we really appreciate the water hookup that feeds the Steam Refresh cycle and the Static Reduce option. We think you’ll enjoy using both features as they’re top class.

Want more benefits? Check out the energy efficiency levels – and the LED lights in the drum. Not bad, right?

  • Dryer type: Electric dryer 
  • Color: White 
  • Capacity: 8.8 cu. ft. 
  • Display and controls: Located back facing, the controls are operated by a large dial and a few flat buttons.  
  • Programs: 8: Steam Cycle, Cool Down Cycle, Air Dry Cycle, Speed / Quick Dry Cycle, Normal Dry Cycle, Delicate Dry Cycle, Anti-Bacterial/Sanitize Cycle, Heavy Duty Dry Cycle 
  • Dryness levels: 5. This is on the high side of average. You don’t need more.  
  • Temperatures: 5. Again, you’re not really going to need more than what you have available here.  
  • Drum material: Powder-coated steel 
  • Reversible door: Yes 
  • Includes drying rack: Yes 
  • Stackable: No 
  • ENERGY Star compliant: Yes. Keep in mind that not all dryers are.  
  • DOE Energy Factor (lb/kWh): 3.93 lb/kWh. This is really, really good. The highest on our list is a smidge more at 3.94.  
  • Energy Consumption: 608 kWh/yr. Again, really stellar; the best on this list is 607.  
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are 29”W x 32.25”D x 43”H. And it weighs 149 pounds.  
  • Price: The highest price we’ve seen this dryer for is about $1,530, but you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $1,100. And, you get a 10-year parts warranty with that.  

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