Best Budget Eyelash Curler

Maybelline New York Expert Tools
  • Works remarkably well
  • Amazing price
  • Easy to use with a good contour
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Besides the terrific price for this curler, pad refills are available. This product is basic, but it certainly does the job.

Some users find that washing these with hot water removes the glue on the pad too easily. Still, for the price, you may not mind.


These are basic, basic, basic and there really isn’t that much more to say about these remarkable eyelash curlers. They’ve got a classic mechanical design from simple stainless steel and they work exactly the way your mother’s eyelash curlers worked.

If you really can’t afford to splash out, these are the ones you want. That means, they’re also perfect for beginners, because you can easily buy these to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you. Of course, we recommend following the instructions because everyone’s eye shape is different and you want the best shot at success, right? Incidentally, there are also multi-packs available for these eyelash curlers, but, we can’t see why you’d go that route.

Curler type: Mechanical

Material: Stainless steel

Handle: The stainless steel handle is super basic; you really shouldn’t expect much besides the ability to curl.

Silicon refills: You won’t get any extra in the pack, but they are available.

Electric: No

Heated: No

Special features: None, but you cannot expect it for the price.

Price: You’ll pay around $5 or less for these.


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