Why people love it
  • Thick and durable collar that’s perfect for big chewers
  • Fits well
  • Donation is made to dog rescue with each purchase

Some people have had issues with the color of the collar bleeding onto their dog’s light fur. It doesn’t happen often, but there have been a few noted cases.


Style: Just your standard dog collar, except that it comes with a belt-like closure instead of a plastic buckle or clasp.

Comfort: We haven’t seen any complaints regarding discomfort with this collar.

Security: This collar is made with a thick double layer off nylon to ensure durability and chew-proofing for crazy pups that want to pull a vanishing act. It also uses a secure metal belt buckle to fasten, so there shouldn’t be issues with the collar or clasp breaking apart any time soon.

Price: This is definitely a little costly for a basic dog collar, though that can be chalked up to the extra nylon layer as well as the donation they make to rescue dogs from your purchase.

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