Match.com is one of the most popular dating sites, founded 17 years ago. The site and app use a variety of methods to 'match' you with compatible singles.  


A well-known name in the online dating industry, Match.com is one of the top dating sites for men.  And, it's super flexible too.  It allows you to communicate via various methods and search for other singles with comprehensive and detailed routes.  It also matches you to singles based on much more than your profile. Match uses a smart algorithm to pair you - not just based on what you say you want and search for - but also by your behavior on the site.  That means that who you communicate with  or look at makes a difference; it also uses the various keywords in your profile. The system takes less than a week to learn you and your preferences, and with some additional research, you can find ways to make Match cater to your wants and needs.  

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