Mason Pearson Medium Mixed Bristle Brush

Best Men’s Hair Brush for Long Hair

Why people love it
  • Unbelievable and totally worth the money
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny, and healthy
  • Detangles and offers a scalp massage at the same time

  • Healthier, glossier, softer hair
  • Detangles and offers a scalp massage at the same time
  • Great for everyone except those with really thin or fine hair
  • Price…enough said
  • Always be careful of knockoffs on Amazon

Mason Pearson brushes are little pieces of luxury you can hold in your hands and some people, rightly, call them magic.

While women flock to these brushes, men should not rule them out as they do an incredible job of making hair soft and shiny.

Indeed, users find that they experience less hair loss and better hair health after a few weeks of using this brush. Everyone is into that.

While you may be all sorts of concerned when you look at the price of these brushes, nearly everyone finds them to be a total value for the money.

They’re especially good for longer or thicker hair, though just about everyone except those with the thinnest hair will find brushing an absolute joy (no matter how many tangles you have).

Keep in mind, however, that these aren’t styling brushes - they’re only for grooming and should never be used on dry hair. And, given the price, you should make sure you care for your brush as the manufacturer directs (yes, you get info on that).

Seriously, if you can afford this brush, do it - you’ll never look back.

Brush type: Full-size oval brush.

Handle: While the original Mason Pearson brushes were made with wooden handles, today’s are made with hand-polished Cellulose Acetate. And, they’re superbly comfortable in the hand. That said, men will want to opt for the medium size, not the handy size, for a better fit.

Bristles: The combination of stiff boar bristles and nylon bristles gently massages one's scalp without scratching (thanks to the air pocket). They’re a little too stiff for very fine hair.

Price: Not everyone is going to splurge on this brush, it’s $170. Yikes!

It does come with Prime shipping and it is returnable, though few people that run a Mason Pearson through their hair find any need to let their brush go.

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