He's the antihero you imagine in your darker moments. And it'll freak people out when you show up wearing this.

  • Deluxe muscle chest piece, jumpsuit, and mask
  • Officially licensed marvel costume

You're a good guy most of the time, aren't you? Take Halloween as your excuse to be the baddie for once. This custom is quick and easy, and you can customize it just as fast. Most people feel the costume fits according to the size listed, but what counts is how cool you'll look wearing it.

What Reviewers Say:

So what do most people think about this costume?

  • I was a little worried about the painted on bags (The belt) because i'm slapping together a dead pool costume. Im trying to get legit pouches, mag clip pouches,and a harness. When i opened up the package, i was surprised and happy to see that the pouches on the waist, were actually a belt!
  • Just amazing. I love it. I'm a big deadpool cosplayer, and I love it. the only down side was the mask was so small it did not fit. the rest was awesome. The second and last downside is the back is not zipper, it has only 2 extremely small Velcros to hold it together, which suck. but that can be modified.
  • Been a Deadpool fan for ten years now, it's great to see him picking up steam... Finally! The costume is amazing. It fits great, and looks even better. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't have the perfect body to pull off the spandex look. LoL. May want to get Velcro strips to close up the back and a turtle neck to cover gap from mask to suit, but a great product over all.

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