Yes, there are electric pasta makers, but there is something about creating it from scratch, right?  And this machine is an Amazon #1 Bestseller for a reason.  It works - and it works well.  Just don't forget to invest in a pasta hanging rack - otherwise you might just find that a curtain rail is all you have on hand.


Make authentic pasta in your home with the Italian-made Atlas pasta machine.  The body is chrome plated steel; while the rollers and cutters are anodized aluminum.  The price given here is for the stainless steel pasta maker, but there are other options available at a higher cost.  And, you may just want to invest in one of those - copper plated kitchenware is coming up as a trend.

This machine features:

  • Easily adjustable, 9-position dial regulates thickness of pasta dough
  • Includes hand-crank and clamp with ABS plastic handles; narrow and wide cutters
  • Additional attachments for more noodle styles sold separately

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