Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Best Christmas Gift for Foodies

Why people love it
  • Make your own pasta noodles at home
  • Durable, easy to use, and highly reliable
  • Feel like a true Italian chef; master a valuable cooking skill

Accessories and motor make using the pasta machine challenging.


Details: If your man loves to cook as much as he loves to eat, this gift will put a sparkle in his eyes. Made in Italy using durable stainless steel, the pasta machine allows him to make fettucine, lasagna, and tagliolini noodles from scratch.

The pasta machine can be attached to a Pasta Drive motor that will make churning out the noodles much quicker and easier, and it is compatible with up to 12 different cutting accessories. However, a number of users have insisted that these accessories/motor interfere with the simple functionality of the machine, so he's better off using the hand crank to produce noodles the old-fashioned way. Let him tackle this new cooking challenge and master an epic skill in the kitchen!

Price: At $76, this is definitely one of the pricier gifts on our list. However, the machine comes with a 10-year warranty to back up its durability, and it's a handy little kitchen tool he can break out anytime he wants to impress someone with his cooking skills. Plus, what's not to love about fresh, homemade pasta?

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