If you're looking for an electric skateboard, Marbel should always be the first thing you check out. It might not be the perfect e-board for you, but a lot of people agree – it's the best one out there.

  • Very light
  • Very Fast
  • Long range

Marbel prizes itself as the lightest, fastest, most durable electric skateboard out there, and with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and with a mile range of more than 16 miles, it's hard to disagree. However, probably the best thing about this device is that it has mobile support, meaning wherever you run into a problem, you can reach out for help through your smartphone.

What the reviewers say:

  • “Apart from just being an advanced electric skateboard Marbel is one of the fastest and lightest you can find around the world. At just 9.9 pounds in weight, it is a very light board and comes with sufficient power to take you at least 12 miles at 25mph per charge. In fact, all of the batteries and electronics have been entirely integrated with the Kevlar deck/carbon fibre. As such, the Marbel connects seamlessly with a Smartphone, in the process customizing the riding style of the user without much problem as well as helping to control the board’s throttle.”
  • “The Marbel Electric Skateboard is great for both skateboarders and commuters. You can take this to a skate-park, fly around town, or get to and from work with this last mile vehicle.”
  • “The Tesla of The Electric Skateboards.”
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