ManGroomer Ultimate Pro

Best Back Hair Trimmer

Why people love it
  • Designed SPECIFICALLY for dealing with back hair
  • Bends easily yet locks securely in place for more stability and control
  • Reliable and very useful for total body grooming

Flexible design, includes wide shaver head, comfortable grip, lightweight, bendable up to 135 degrees in any direction, effective shaving, sharp, decent run time, quick-charge battery, and able to power through coarse hair.

Very long and bulky; not designed for facial hair.


Performance: If you're a guy with lots of extra back hair, this trimmer is a must-have. Thanks to its unique design, it will make shaving your own back not only possible, but surprisingly easy.

The shaver itself is reliable, with sharp teeth and a powerful motor that can cut through most hair textures. If you have patches of extra-thick hair, you'll find the "power burst" will trim it with ease. With the 2-inch shave head, you can trim large swaths of back hair at once.

But the real kicker is the flexible design. It has an "elbow" joint that allows you to rotate it up to 135 degrees, making it easy for you to reach your entire back without twisting yourself into knots. The rubber handle is easy to grip securely, though the trimmer is a bit long and bulky. (Definitely not travel-friendly!) Though you only get about 70 minutes of battery life per charge, it does a great job overall!

Features: Battery run out mid-shave? The "quick charge" feature charges the trimmer with just enough battery to finish the job, but without having to wait for hours.

In addition to the extra-wide shave head, the trimmer comes with a narrower, bi-directional head to help you get rid of the shorter hairs in smaller, harder-to-trim areas. It's easy to switch between the heads in a matter of seconds.

The elbow joint of the trimmer is easy to adjust, but it will lock securely in place for a more stable, controlled shave. It folds up to store in your bathroom (not small enough for a toiletry kit, sadly), but the handle is easy to maneuver for a more comprehensive shave.

Price: At $50, this is on the pricier side considering it's a single purpose tool. It's slightly too bulky to use for facial hair grooming, but if you've got a lot of back hair that needs regular trimming, it's definitely a handy item to own!

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