Manduka Unisex PROLite Mat

Best Christmas Gift for Friends Who Practice Yoga

Why people love it
  • Solid and durable
  • Comfortable without affecting stability
  • Offers excellent dry traction and stickiness

Not as good for heavy sweaters


Meaningfulness: For a guy or girl who gets their Yoga on every day, this is a gift they'll use on a regular basis. The mat is eco-friendly, made with fully sustainable materials, and the fact that it's thinner than average (just 3/16" thick) makes it the ideal choice for excellent stability while still offering good cushioning. It's useful for men of any size and weight, and is a highly durable, long-lasting choice. Trust us, it will hold up under a lot of heavy use. Though the traction slips a little with VERY heavy sweat, for the average practitioner, it's an excellent option under both wet and dry conditions. It feels like a sturdy, resilient piece of equipment that will last for years of regular practice. It's also very easy to keep clean--just a simple wipe-down and you can let it air-dry.

Originality: It's definitely a gift that your buddy will appreciate, even if it's more practical than sentimental. Once they try this mat, they'll never go back to their old mat again!

Price: At $60, this is on the pricier side of the scale for Yoga mats, but it's eco-friendly, durable, comfortable, and a Yoga lover's best friend.

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