Why people love it
  • Amazing, long-lasting hold
  • Natural matte finish
  • Great for short to medium-length hair

It’s definitely not the easiest styling product to wash out of your hair. We suggest a strong shampoo and a little patience.


Japanese hair products for men always seem to have a fruity aroma to them. This one isn’t an exception. It smells like apples. That said, it’s quite pleasant to most people. And, it’s hardly the most contentious issue for this hair clay.

The biggest drawback is the difficulty you should expect when washing this out of your hair. It’s tough to say the least. Really. If you don’t have the time to shampoo, you should stay away. But, as the hold lasts for days (literally), you may actually save yourself some time.

We’re fans of the ability to create some great hairstyles with this goop (yes, it’s a little more gooey than clay). You can achieve short spikes, even if your hair is stick straight and flat. It’s definitely great at putting texture where there is none.

And, it’s a tiny container, you can definitely take it with you in your carry-on. But, the price can be prohibitive – and it’s not available as a Subscribe & Save option. So, once you’re hooked, we suggest stocking up from the start because this is one of those products that men with short to medium-length hair probably won’t be able to live without.

Hold: It’s a medium hold that allows for flexibility throughout the day. But, at the same it lasts a really long time. If you’re looking for a stronger hold, we would suggest applying it to dry hair – and there are a few other clays from this brand that offer just a bit more.

Texture: It’s a little gooey, but it’s not so far away from a clay that we can complain about it.

Application: Most guys suggest applying this to slightly damp, warm hair. Warm hair? Yes, that’s right. The heat will help the product to spread and set. If you apply it to dry hair, you’ll definitely need a little time to experiment with your do.

Duration: This is a seriously long-lasting hold. You can expect 36-48 hours out of a single application, with perhaps a touch up here and there. That’s great since it’s no fun to wash this out of your hair.

Washing ease: If you’re looking for a clay that you can wash out easily, you’re in the wrong place. This is perhaps the most difficult of all clays to wash out and you’ll definitely need shampoo to do it.

Scent: It smells like apple, green apple to be specific. And, while you may not feel that’s terribly manly, most guys seem to appreciate the smell.

Key ingredients: The clay inside is hectorite, and there isn’t a lot of it. This is more of a microcrystalline wax with castor and mineral oils. It works like clay, but it doesn’t wash out like one.

Size: Wow this is a small container, a mere 1.1 ounces! On the plus side, it’s great for travelling light – and you can treat the first one as a tester without feeling too bad about it. After that though, you might feel that you’re constantly ordering more.

Price: It’s not cheap. That tiny package costs nearly $13 on Amazon. And, while it does qualify for Prime shipping, you’re going to have a difficult time swallowing the cost of more than $12 per ounce. That said, it works for guys that have run out of other options and are willing to pay more for the privilege of manageable hair.

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