Man Meets Stove Book

Best Christmas Gift for the Kitchen-Challenged

Why people love it
  • A fun and funny way to learn the basics of cooking
  • Teaches recipes to help single guys impress their dates
  • Beginner-chef and guy-friendly!

Helps ANYONE learn how to cook, great recipes for the male palate, basic introduction to simple cooking techniques and meals, and comes at a very reasonable price.

More funny anecdotes than actual recipes; doesn't include measurements.


Details: If your man is kitchen-challenged, this is a Christmas gift to give him a bit of a nudge toward the stove. The book has humorous anecdotes that will encourage him to take up cooking, and recipes that he can easily make—all without a microwave, of course!

The recipes are all male-oriented, but they'll get him started learning the basics of the various utensils and cookware he'll find in the kitchen. A great Christmas gift, one that serves DOUBLE purpose.

Price: The Kindle version will run you just $2, or $14 for a paperback. It's a book that will give him a good introduction to the basics of cooking, so worth the investment.

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