Why people love it

  • Awesome for music lovers and non-music lovers 
  • Unique way to give glassware as a gift 
  • Works well in a variety of situations 

We at Faveable really liked that University Parent suggested glassware as a gift idea for a graduate’s first home after college. That being said, they’re still young and there’s nothing that’s going to guarantee that they’re ready to trade in Jägerbombs or rounds of shots for sophisticated nights in with wine just yet. Except maybe this beautiful and fun set of glasses that they can play music on!

This party set is expensive.


Happiness Factor: This set of musical wine glasses is sure to be a hit with your gift recipient as well as the guests they choose to entertain them with. 

Practical Applications: Every new home should have a beautiful set of wine glasses, and this happens to be a unique way to get them into your graduate’s new pad.

Price: There’s no arguing that these are expensive. However, customers claim that these glasses are indeed perfectly tuned, so can you put a price on musical perfection?

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