Maitrix Biolage Hydrasource

Best Deep Conditioner

Why people love it
  • Repairs split ends
  • Great for color treated hair
  • Rejuvenates dry, damaged hair

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource is an intensive-conditioning system that deeply moisturizes to nourish and repair dead hair. Not only that, but it smells good too! What more could you ask for in a conditioner?

Though it’s difficult to find a negative review about this product, a handful of users report that the balm is just too thick for their liking.


Performance: Not only will this conditioner prevent future damage, but it will restore hair to its natural, silky state. But this stuff doesn’t stop there, it eliminates frizz, detangles, and leaves hair looking and feeling stronger and shinier than ever. And users report a noticeable difference after just one use. But don’t just take our word for it. This conditioner comes highly recommended by both Elle and Total Beauty.

Scent: Rosemary, goldenseal, and aloe plant give this a subtle, natural scent that users just can’t get enough of. Plus, it’s not too overpowering so it won’t clash with perfume or cologne, so feel free to use this stuff daily!

Price: At $15.43 for 9.5 fluid ounces, this conditioner comes out to $1.61 per ounce. Although it’s not the cheapest product on our list, we think that's incredibly reasonable for a deep conditioner that truly works.

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